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    Alexa Persico Cosmetics was created with a focus on delivering the highest quality in pigmentation, long-lasting wear and a touch of personality for every women. Launched in July of 2012 by Makeup Artist Alexa Persico, she is the creator, beauty, and brains behind the beloved brand. Her dream began at the young age of fourteen, while most teenage girls were still trying to figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up, Alexa displayed a strong creative eye in makeup and knew (even back then) that she wanted to be a part of the Cosmetic Industry. She started training in New York City and studied under the makeup industries top professionals in various makeup schools and courses. Quickly, Alexa learned the secrets and tricks of the trade and decided to take her talent and turn it into a business, and doing so became a master at her craft.


    Working as a Freelance Makeup Artist, Alexa began to realize that every woman had their own unique beauty to them; it was just a matter of accentuating that beauty and having the right products to do so. At just seventeen years old this inspired Alexa to follow her dream and develop a brand of her very own that brings fun, ready to wear cosmetics to all women. With Alexa Persico Cosmetics, women can have access to these fabulous products of the trade in their own personal space.  Alexa's mission for her line is to become a timeless and trusted brand of cosmetics for women of all colors and for all ages.


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